Sunday, October 5, 2008


Of course, the source of the frustration is not the same. I saw on TV that 85% of respondents believe you raced clean. The other 15% are waiting around for you to finally confess in order for them to say "I told you so." You are frustrated because you cannot prove a negative, and they are frustrated because their dream will never be. At least you realize that nothing you can say or do will change their mind and have moved on, (except you must respond to each slight they sling at you). It all seems so simple to me: start with talent, then practice as hard as Lance does, and you should see similar results. Less practice, less results. My frustration is not about cycling, but about good health. Of course cycling keeps me in shape, but when pressed about staying healthy, I mention I do yoga, stretch daily, work out with weights, see my acupuncturist regularly when well, more often when the body needs it, and take some alternative medicines/foods. For instance, I advocate a nasal wash (Neti pot) with a saline solution during cold season. Even though I suffer very little from colds, people with stuffy noses can't bring themselves to follow my example, even after asking my opinion. Anytime I am out in a brisk wind, I brew some ginger root in water, thus ginger tea, sweeten with honey, and offset the effects of the wind. This helps ward off breathing difficulties. When ginger doesn't do the trick, and breathing becomes congested, Oil of Oregano seems to sort it out in a day or two. So far, I am batting zero in convincing folks it works. In truth, I am very thankful my frustrations are only due to minor stuff, and not the magnitude of yours, but still, frustrations of any sort can be wearing on a person, so protect your liver (acupuncturist term).

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