Thursday, November 20, 2008


I detest helmet mirrors. Several friends swear by them, and since they always seem to know when cars are approaching, I guess they work well for them and I appreciate it. I tried several and didn't like it at all. Perhaps having the mirror on the left eye and me being right eye dominant might have something to do with it. I have been using the Rhode Gear mirror that attaches to the hood with a velcro strap. That worked fairly well, but in truth, they seem to break a lot. I have four broken mirrors, that is, mirrors that have become detached from the rest of the assembly. They install in seconds, that's good. My friend Cecil has had some Italian bar end jobs that look cool and he says they work great. So, after the last broken mirror, I went on-line to research a bit. I found SpinTech mirrors, ordered and installed them and took my first ride yesterday. They exceeded expectations with zero movement and since there is one on each side, great visibility. They adjusted easily. The downsides so far: I keep looking at my left hood instead of the bar end, and I pushed the right one out of kilter with my knee when I stopped at a light, not noticing until somewhat later. 1000% better than the Rhode Gear (OK, maybe only three times better). For the record, I went a week without a mirror and managed to strain my neck/back while looking over my shoulder. When I was young, I let drivers worry about not hitting me. It is now a different age and attitude, so I take as many preventive measures as possible.

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  1. Jerry. I am enjoying your book and this blog. Keep posting!