Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just read the article on Velonews about the Australian study that post-ride caffeine can help speed muscle recovery. They say more study is necessary. It won't be meaningful to me until they do a side-by-side comparison to beer. I can drink more beer post-ride than coffee, plus it will let me take a nap afterward. Golly, it was 30+ years ago that, as a disciple of Dr. George Sheehan, I believed what he wrote about beer being a good carbohydrate-replacement drink and experimented with running 4 three-mile loops and consuming a beer after each loop. To tell the truth, that didn't go too well, but the Aussies will need some powerful statistics to get me to switch.


  1. Runner's World has had some similar advice for a while - in favor of caffeine and beer. If I remember properly, the deal with the caffeine is it constricts the blood vessels, reducing inflammation damage. Beer has the carbs, of course, but also good B vitamins from the yeast.

    But, why say "or" when you can say "and"? As any self-respecting college student can tell you, the combination of coffee and beer is a nice, relaxed buzz, perfect for staying just alert enough to keep up with the score of whatever sporting event is on the TV while you have that nap.