Monday, November 3, 2008


How chapped do your lips have to get when the weather turns chilly before you remember to put the container in your car (or saddle pack)? Several years ago I switched to a shea butter lip balm to get away from lanolin. Years ago when I ran, I had no problem with Vasoline, and still use it as a back up. However, this summer I forgot to remove the stick from the car, and in the Texas heat, it melted and ran all over the console. Therefore, the replacement remained in the house. Lip protection is the last thing I put on, right after taking a good gulp of liquid. Hence, if it is in the car, it is available whether I leave from the house or drive to the start. But after a ride, my mind is empty, oxygen depleted, running on memory, and wanting only to recuperate in the house, so putting it from the bathroom to the car takes something additional. The first bout of dry lips was the additional memory device I needed this year. I'm getting better, it took several cases a few years ago, deep into January, before it nestled close at hand in the driver-side door. I know, if I had kept with the Vasoline in a tube, none of this might have happened. Sorry, I like the shea butter.

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  1. Ah, experience is a wonderful teacher. What a reminder to go and put something on my ever-so-chapped lips. In my case it's not the athletic pursuits that get me, it's the office heating. So, after 3 weeks of thinking, "I must get the stick from the car and put it in my drawer," I've managed to get it to my coat pocket. Maybe next week it will finally make it to its appropriate home.