Sunday, December 21, 2008


We had a cycling window of opportunity and seventeen of us started out on a 27 mile ride. A few wanted the 41 mile option, but relented. Even before starting, I cut that even shorter because I didn't want to take a long break at the halfway mark. With just a few pedal strokes, I realized something was different. I had shimmed my Sidis so I could be comfortable on my tt bike, but had forgotten to raise the seat on my road bike. My first thought was, it is a short ride, I'll attend to it when I get home. So I cycled with the group and stood more often to make sure the hamstrings were stretched properly. Eight miles into the ride I cut off from the group and finished out at 20 miles. Btw, not much wind, overcast (I had changed lenses to pink), and I thoroughly enjoyed pedaling noiselessly through the countryside, having only three cars pass me. With about 5 miles to go my knees started talking to me. I had forgotten about them! Three Advil immediately upon arriving at home, but here it is the next day and they still don't like me. Lesson learned: No bike ride is too short not to fix your seat height immediately. I carry the tools in my saddle pack and even taking my time, I estimate three minutes to make the correction. Of course, now I have an excuse to not ride today, and since the temperature is dropping quickly from 65 to 45 and will go to 30 before it stops, and the wind is bitterly cold, I am not putting a lot of effort to get out.

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