Saturday, December 27, 2008


If you have read my book, you know that we spend a week or so in Suches, Georgia. From the cabin, I can cycle the Georgia mountains, including Brasstown Bald, in the morning or before the kids and grandkids arrive. Last year we had some adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail. This year for Christmas my son gifted us with a custom-made topo map, with our cabin as the center. I say "us" but usually I shout encouragement to Marilane from my recliner as I do anything other than work a puzzle. Anyhow, after everyone left, about 8pm, we cleaned up the kitchen a bit, then Marilane sat down to work on the puzzle, 400 pieces and no picture to give clues. A while later (probably two hours, maybe less), I wandered over to offer congratulations on completing the frame and saw some familiar names on the pieces, so sat down to put a few together. I lost track of time becoming engrossed in putting pieces together. Perhaps all those tiny squiggly red lines showing altitude mesmerized me. About 3am we called it quits. But at 6:15am I was awake and shortly thereafter so was Marilane, and we were back at it. Taking short breaks for breakfast and lunch, we completed the puzzle at 1:20pm.
Why is this story in my cycling blog? My lower back is soooooo stiff from sitting, standing, leaning that I can barely move, let alone contemplate riding. At least my knees stopped hurting.
Actually, this is all part of the plan. Not the knees and back part, but something always happens during the holidays, so I schedule no riding for the month of December. If I manage to get a ride in, so much the better, but not riding cause no stress (like it does in February and March) because that is what I am supposed to do (not ride).

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