Thursday, December 18, 2008


Because I am a fair weather rider, plus this being the Christmas Season, I haven't been outside on the bike these past few days. I rode on my trainer in the kitchen, just puttering around until January and serious training. One of the things I did was put shims back on my shoes. I switched to Speedplay (skipping the long, sad story about my Campys) pedals and got confused in installation because Speedplay has a unique bolt head. I have two shims (because I fudged a centimeter on my tt bike) before getting to the Speedplay attaching cleat. Anyhow, I think I have everything properly engineered and had hoped to get out today to test them, but will wait until tomorrow and the fog and wet will have moved east.
I haven't changed anything but the pedals on my Roark since 2001. But my friend Ben really likes his Transition (click on over to his blog Dec 7 post). He buys top-of-the-line bikes and components, but I never get any of his hand-me-downs. I lost count of the number of bikes he has purchased since we rode across the USA in 2001. Of course, he is much faster than I (and a lot younger, but we don't mention that) and has more competition he has to keep up with. This paragraph may seem (or be) rambling, but, like JK Rowling, these topics will show up in later posts.

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