Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm back from a non-cycling vacation and putting in a quick word, since there has been a post inquiring about if I met my mileage goal (see previous post). Sadly, the answer is "no." In retrospect, I believe there was no reasonable way to get there this time. My calendar of events kept getting in the way. It's not like I wasn't riding. For instance, the Katy Trail on a mountain bike was a daily ride of 40-60 miles for a week and a good work-out, but no long rides. Same with riding in the Alps: seventeen miles up a mountain (and back) is only thirty-four miles, but really strenuous. But the goal will not change for next year, because I firmly believe I need that much riding to improve my racing/time trialing. I'll also work in some additional technique training. And, since I know what vacations do to my schedule, I can plan better. Better planning, and keeping to your plan, works in any goal-setting, not just cycling. We learned that in Management 101: Review plans and pick the best one; implement the activities necessary; review if you are on-course and don't be afraid to change if you aren't. Anyhow, I have my spreadsheet set up and will post the cycling monthly. Already in December, I am six days with zero miles. For those interested, we were cruising from Vienna to Nurnburg. I hope to complete that write-up in my magazine blog ( then click on mybudget travel)

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