Friday, January 16, 2009


Six months or so ago, I agreed to make an author appearance in Middletown, Maryland. My daughter and family live there and she is a member of a book club that meets at the library. We didn't give much thought to the date, they meet on Wednesdays. The time has come. Earlier in the week, dire predictions as to how cold it would be on Inauguration Day (oh yeah, we hadn't thought about that either) had me thinking about my warmest cold weather gear, but apparently the sub-zero weather will only be in the mid-west. As of today, the forecast is for lower 20's. I can handle that without digging into my once-every-ten-year clothes. If the forecast is correct, the snow will have already fallen, so the airlines should be operating (maybe even on time). This trip is also my early excuse for the low mileage I will be posting at the end of the month. If the weather cooperates in Texas for the last week, maybe I can get some long miles in to at least make a reasonable total.

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