Saturday, January 31, 2009


In truth, I'm really not that (as expressed in the title) excited about making goal. Pleased that the plan is working, yes, but more concerned in the training overall. That fell off for a few days. January is all over but the shouting, so we shall concentrate on February. The first half of January saw some great cycling days, the last half more like real winter. I ended with 379.8 outside miles, four inside rides, and four trips to the gym to work the legs. I only did the one tt practice.

An auxiliary goal is to learn which buttons to push on my three bike computers. I acutally have four, but ride the mountain bike so rarely, I only have that for the mileage. The function buttons are different for each, and I find myself pushing into a set-up when I wanted average HR, or something similar. One I keep repeating is turning on the chime on my heart rate. That is so annoying.

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