Friday, January 23, 2009


I did a Meet the Author presentation at the Middletown, Md library this past Wednesday night. Rather than the usual polite but disinterested half dozen people, I was surprised and flabbergasted by an astounding 37 lively, engaged, friendly folks who braved the elements and wedged themselves into a small space to hear me speak. Almost all did not cycle, but I was equally impressed by the guys who cycled in (ok, they were doing their after-work spin and stopped by). We are talking pitch dark and lower 20's with a nasty wind. Obviously, they are too hard-core for me (unless they end their workout with great libations). Just like on some of my bike rides, the presentation went well, but when over, I knew I could have done better. On the plane ride home, I mapped out the changes needed for improvement and have already begun implementation. One of the things I know, but couldn't do this time because I flew in, is bike equipment is fascinating. I took my jersey and shorts, but next time will go by car and take the shoes, helmet, and the bike itself. Remember, the book is intended to inspire and encourage people to take cycling vacations.

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