Thursday, January 8, 2009


My readers know that I advocate waiting for perfect conditions (or minimally, good) to undertake large increases in exercise. Today the weather warmed up, the wind died down, and I had no traffic in the park to disturb me. Now was the time to drag out the time-trial bike and start practicing. Generally, this is a once-a-week exercise. But I stop after State competition, last year in September, so almost four months have gone by since I last rode it. If you have never ridden a tt bike, the first thing everyone tells you is: "It is built for speed, not comfort." In my case, it is a pain-in-the-neck, literally. Those few centimeters you bend lower than your regular bike, trying to cheat the wind drag, makes you bend your (or, neck) back just a tad more in order to see where you are riding. This hurts! Between now and mid-March I will do what I can to increase the range of neck bend, and increase the tolerance to pain. Don't even ask why I do this, especially since I could ride my road bike with aero-bars and be quite comfortable, albeit slower. For short time trials like we have in Senior Games, it is only a matter of seconds. Besides, it looks so cool! The old adage: "boys and their toys" seems to be applicable here.

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