Thursday, January 1, 2009


At least it did when I was working. The secret to success is to continue eating whatever it was that kept you at the same weight. However, on the weekend, skip a meal (like lunch) on Saturday and Sunday. Assume the skipped meal has a minimum of 750 calories so you skip 1500 calories per week, which is slightly less than half a pound. You can also substitute stuff for other stuff, and maybe save 100 calories a day to get you up to that half pound per week loss. That doesn't sound like a lot, and the only calories you count are what would have been in the skipped meal and the substitutions. It doesn't matter what you substitute, salad dressing is an easy choice. Or, if you drink sodas, just cut out one, or drink half as much. Drink a lot of water.
Now, I exercise a lot so I can't really increase it, but if you are sedentary, do something. The easiest is take a walk. Doesn't matter how fast or far (yet), but brisk is better than meandering, and stay gone for at least a half an hour. For those who can't walk because of physical limitations, try a stationary bicycle. Can't do that? OK, pick up a can of soup and start doing curls with it.
I thought I would have 10 pounds to lose, but it seems it creeped up to 12 while I wasn't looking. Check back at the end of the month to see if two of them have disappeared.

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