Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I stepped off the scales this morning I was tempted to post my end-of-month total a few days early. Sunday I was on goal and today I am, but Monday and Tuesday clocked in a pound heavier. Since the goal is 2 pounds per month, that is a 50% increase. However, I am not into making my weight loss merely look good. It needs to be real and permanent (at least, for the next 9 months. Remember, I am not really overweight, just getting down to a race weight). Conventional wisdom advises not to weigh daily. My modified wisdom is to weigh daily, but don't take it to heart. What I look for is a general downward trend and ignore spikes, either up or down.
Besides my end-of-month weight loss, I also will post my monthly bike mileage. Outside miles took a big hit with the trip to Maryland and then rain and freezing rain these last few days. Of course, that allowed plenty of time to go to the gym and do weights and to ride in the kitchen. The rest of my whine will come late Saturday.

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