Wednesday, February 25, 2009


For three of the last four years, my friend Byran comes from Portland and I leave Texas to spend a week with Ray, riding around Lompoc and taking in a few days of the Amgen Tour of California as it rolls through. In truth, we come for the camaraderie and cycling, but getting to watch the pros for a few seconds as they zip past is pretty exciting also. This year we drove up to Paso Robles and saw the sprint finish. I stationed myself about 200 yards from the end and have some good shots of Renshaw leading out Cavendish, with Boonen and Hushovd not being able to mount a challenge. In Solvang, pics of the leaders, and a pretty good one of Lance. But I got greedy and pushed the zoom when Levi came through and mostly have a close-up of his leg.
I used the down time before and after the tt to be the guest author at the Book Loft.
With all of the cold, wet weather around us, we managed to cycle dry (albeit chilly on occasion). With all the great cycling roads in the area, it is no wonder the pro teams spend quality training time around Solvang. It is also a great tourist town, so the distaff side won't become bored.

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