Saturday, February 28, 2009


There is a little known corollary to Einstein's theory, E=MC2, that states in any given population, all weight is constant. Therefore, for any weight lost by one person, another person or persons will gain it. Sometimes this lost weight only moves to a family member, but it could float over to a neighbor or halfway around the world. I know my wife cringes when she hears that I want to lose ten pounds.
There is another obscure theory (mine) which states that weight loss becomes more difficult after the full moon in October and less difficult after the full moon in March. Not quite drawn from thin air, this is based on our pre-historic ancestors who needed to put on weight to survive the harsh winter months.
Changing gears, so to speak, even with travel days and bad weather, I managed to get in 429.8 miles outside and four days cycling in the kitchen. I also had to deal with the trauma of backing over my time trial bike (see picture in previous post) and looking for a replacement.
I have time trial pictures of my trip to California posted on Flickr (there is a way to get a better link , but for now this will have to do)

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