Saturday, February 14, 2009


A few more words about losing weight. The ounces were still dropping until suddenly I was up two and a half pounds! Losing weight is similar to cycling up a switch-back mountain: you don't want to give back any altitude (or weight loss) and have to climb it again (the subject of a later post). So I was distressed. Until I remembered that I had taken ibuprofen for a few days. I guess it also promotes fluid retention, because a few days later the unwanted pounds disappeared without any change by me. Halfway through the month, and on goal.


  1. My weight bounces around quite a bit due to fluid retention. All I have to do is eat a salty restaurant meal and the next day I will be up by two to three pounds. The weight drops off in a day or two once I return to my normal regimen of an organic diet prepared at home.

  2. Andy, I no longer eat Mexican food (to be precise: Tex-Mex) when training for both the extra weight and calories, plus the sluggishness for at least 24 hours.