Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here it is the 5th of May and I have already surpassed last month's mileage. I keep reading Ben's blog (and all the others) and all the races he is doing, but all I do is train. I plan to get faster and to find some races, but right now I'm happy just putting in miles and enjoying getting out on the country roads. The wind is still stiff, but otherwise the weather is ok. On my ride this morning, my upper cogs really showed a dislike to my chain, so I took it in for a "second opinion" as to the reason. I was hoping it would just be a new chain, but the diagnosis was the chain was shot, and I needed a new set of cogs. I was destroying my compact rings. Well, as it happens, last month I purchased a new 9 cog Ultegra, with the intent of switching my Zipps from the tt bike when race time came around. Now I have a new chain and will install it and the cogs later this evening.
The reminder for this post is to pay attention to your chain. A stretched one can ruin cogs and chain rings as it rattles through.

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