Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Close enough. I actually hit the goal (150.6) mid-month, but then we took the trip to the Dakotas and I didn't know what eating away from home for two weeks would do to me. This was a dual-purpose vacation: me to ride the Mickelson Trail and Marilane to visit additional state capitols in her quest for all 50. We captured four. Details in upcoming posts, but the Mickelson Trail runs from Deadwood to Edgemont, South Dakota and even though it is a rail-trail, the riding was quite strenuous. So much so, I ran out of gears on one particular stretch from Deadwood to Rochford. Since I was on my suspended mountain bike, that means I used up some really low gears. To be more precise, I ran out of heart-rate rather than leg strength. Somehow I mixed up my heart rate monitor and strap, bringing the wrong strap for the monitor, so I can't say if I set a new max, but my perceived exertion was a 10.

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