Sunday, August 30, 2009


The picture shows 146.2 because the camera weighs 2 tenths of a pound. Therefore, as of this morning, I have met my goal weight. But, as we all know, keeping it off is the real challenge. My plan for September is to ride 1,000 miles and drop soft drinks from my diet. Since I usually only drink one a day, this is more of a health issue than weight. Check back in October for details of how my month went.
For my friends who completed the Hotter'n Hell 100, congratulations! I really don't miss doing that. It was fun and exciting and gave me an annual goal, but now I like 65 miles as my standard. I'll just display my 10 pins and sit back and reminisce.


  1. Jerry,
    I missed you at the Hotter N' Hell this year. I was looking forward to telling you how much I enjoyed your book. keep blogging!


  2. Harding, there was too much on my plate to make it to Wichita Falls. How'd it go for you? At least I sent you a cool front and the wind at your back at the end. You can take a shorter trip to visit, since I'll be riding the Senior Games State Championships in Houston (actually, Fulshear) October 24th and 25th. See