Monday, November 9, 2009


Destiny, whatever. I prefer to attribute my good fortune to my Guardian Angel who guides me in the right direction. What, pray tell, does this have to do with cycling? For the past two weeks I have done a lot of serious lifting and toting of boxes and heavy furniture as we moved my mother-in-law to a retirement apartment. Most of the physical exertion on both ends of the move was mine. There is no doubt that the time spent keeping my body, especially the cardio-vascular systems, in shape allowed me to complete the task in good order, without injury.
Truthfully, the three weeks doing E2E and afterward the time-trial training put me in the best condition since completing the coast-to-coast trip in 2001. Moving took all of my energy, but I must say, the accomplishment borders on the heroic.
So, thanks GA, for pointing me in the direction of cycling to hone my lungs and muscles. As I see my older friends (like, in their 70's) still being strong and active, growing older doesn't seem to be as restrictive as I anticipated it would be back when I turned 60.
PS Massage, Reiki, and Epsom Salts bath are part of the recovery process. The GA doesn't work those type of miracles.

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