Monday, November 30, 2009


Wretched Excess is the exclamatory term we use to describe anything "over the top." This is another non-cycling entry. Our tv cable includes music channels and one of them is Sounds of the Season. Currently, they are into Christmas music. But along with the music, they run some blurbs on screen in addition to the artist and song information. One such blurb last night was "The average family has 75 ornaments on their tree." Wretched Excess: we have 281 (one less than we had yesterday morning, as I dropped one).
I keep a spread-sheet (don't roll your eyes!) on the ornaments. This came about because through the years we acquired additional ornaments, but couldn't remember when or sometimes if given as gifts, who. Now we know.
Coffee is finished, time to get on with decorating. BTW, even if everything in the house takes on a Chrismas theme, we don't think of it as excessive.

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  1. And sometimes these little oddities are passed on to your children!! It's no wonder they chose me to keep up with the 710 Entertainment coupon books we sent home with elementary aged children. I've accounted for all but 83! And I think that after 40 years of wretched excess, it is downgraded to "habitual excess" because you've had tons of ornaments on the tree for all the years I can remember. btw - where's the picture? It's beautiful again this year. Most people have to pay to go see a tree that large and beautifully decorated. The Biltmore house has over 300,000 ornaments, so who's to say?