Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We have gone for months without anyone coming to our front door after 6pm. I was relaxing in front of the TV with an alternate cold-abeyance device: 2 ounces of Wild Turkey. There is no hint of a cold, this is merely a preventative measure. A knock on the door! Hmmm. My neighbor came to pick up the new bike we were hiding in our garage. Helped transfer back to his house, then settled down in the recliner. Ding, dong! Dang!! This time UPS had dropped a package (I wasn't supposed to see it came from an online bike accessory place). Ok, it's the season. Just getting to the end of an NCIS rerun: knock, knock, knock.

My furrowed brow smoothed and a smile highlighted my face when the two gentlemen announced that our yard had been voted as having the best Nativity Scene in the (large) neighborhood. I am extremely pleased and gratified that our decision six years ago is enjoyed by so many.

Changing gears to a cycling note: I spent two hours cleaning my bike yesterday, and declined to ride on the wet streets this morning. The 20mph wind also helped in the decision. Hit and miss until January.

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