Sunday, December 13, 2009


Please refer to my posts of Oct 5th and 14th of 2008. This is a variation of the same theme. It has again come to my consciousness because of the myriad of news blurbs touting the need for frequent washing of hands. The same segment will warn of airborne contaminants. Few, if any, go on to tout washing your nasal passages. Specifically, I recommend a neti pot. For those who are squeamish, there is an OTC saline solution you can squirt up your nose.
Bring ginger into your life. Mostly I use dry ginger root but when I need to get serious, I buy fresh ginger and cut a half-dozen slices into a tea pot and brew. Last year I mentioned adding a little honey, but this year I have graduated to taking it straight. There is already too much sugar tempting us this Christmas Season and the three extra pounds the scales have jumped in just five days have gotten my attention.
I hit the Oil of Oregano anytime there is a hint of stuffiness or tightness in my chest. Of course, vitamin C is part of the daily regimen. I'll also increase to significant dosage if exposed to anyone with a cold or feel something coming on.
When the home remedies fail, I'm off to my acupuncturist. My best recollection is that my last cold/flu was seven plus years ago. One visit plus herbs got me going the next day.
I am a walking advertisement for good health. And just like a lot of billboards, no one pays attention. But I keep trying.


  1. On the other hand, Jerry, you and I are not getting any younger and there is only a finite number (about 200) of varieties of the cold virus that we can catch. I used to get 3 colds a year; now it's one. Of course, these days every one is "man flu".
    I'll probably get one over Christmas now after having said that!

  2. But, Steve, what precautions/preventions do you employ to keep a cold at bay?

  3. I used to take high dose vitamin C. Now I get so few colds that I don't bother with anything other than keeping my hands washed when I can. It's contamination around the eyes and nose area that matters, though it's almost impossible to keep one's fingers away.