Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last week I met with the group for an afternoon ride, when it had warmed up a bit. At 50 degrees and a south wind, my tights and three layers on my chest should have been sufficient to keep me toasty all afternoon. Alas! Something wasn't right :( What I have learned over the years is that the better your body is tuned, the more you detect aberrations. One of the tell-tales is the inability to properly react to cold temperature. We started off at a moderate pace, although hitting a hill immediately. My heart rate went up appropriately, and my muscles worked smoothly, but I continued to "feel" cold. Two miles into the ride, even with the wind at my back, I bid adieu to my comrades, returned to the park, and drove home.
I knew the symptoms and undertook the remedy: Ginger tea and large dose of vitamin C, followed by a nap. More tea and C at bedtime , a good night's sleep and I felt better the next day. Was I really coming down with something? We'll never know. An ounce of prevention.... Thanks, Karen.

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