Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just looked at last year's January mileage: 406. I will finish this month at 148. When I'm out riding I let my mind wander and usually come up with an idea to write about. I'm more worried about the lack of recent posting than mileage, mainly because I have a week of cycling in California with Ray and Byran on my February schedule. Ray takes his hosting seriously, in that he sees to it Byran and I get lots of cycling miles. I should end February on the high side of 500.
It's not that I've been a sluggard. Weights, abs, and yoga have taken up the slack, so my body is prepared for higher mileage. Also, I have been able to hold my winter weight gain to four pounds. I see my friend Grace has posted something about eating less in winter. I attribute my stability to not eating more. However, I'll be glad when Girl Scout Cookies sales have passed.
Changing the subject, I read an article on Velonews last week on changing tires and not getting the tube caught. While I always recheck that the tube has not caught under the bead, I always start the tire at the stem and end opposite. This article explains why it is best to start opposite and end at the stem. It is almost time to install new tires for the coming season, so I'll give that procedure a try.

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  1. That's 100 miles more than I managed in January. Snow has come back here so no more riding expected just yet. I'm doing lots of swimming and a bit of hiking instead.