Friday, January 1, 2010


We had nice weather on the last day of the year, so I took advantage and set out on my usual 30 mile route. I savored the weather and focused on how my body functioned. As the miles drifted by my disenchantment grew; not with my pleasant surroundings, but at the inability to push out of "mediocre." At the turnaround, the clock confirmed my speed, or lack thereof, and I began the mental check-list of possible reasons: lack of training (a mere 158 miles in December); muscle fatigue due to weight training; too much chocolate, mince pie, etc.
Before despair settled in, I also remembered doing the exact checklist on a similar ride last year. And I remembered that everything turned out quite well. So I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the return. I even had time to congratulate myself on my timing, in that as I rolled the last two miles, the forecasted increase in wind started, and I made it safely home without having to fight it.
Time to start a new decade.

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  1. You know, normal people are not up and posting to their blogs at 7am. Happy riding in 2010! btw- I have no idea what to select for a profile - please instruct for next time