Thursday, January 7, 2010


Last year I had seven outside rides in the first two weeks of January. This year, so far, I managed a 25 miler yesterday. It was 48 degrees, overcast, with a brisk southerly breeze. I had three layers on my chest, tights, long fingered gloves and, while not miserable, certainly did not enjoy any part of the ride. I wouldn't have done this by myself, it was my friends putting themselves in the same conditions that gave me the push I needed. We rode yesterday because of the arctic front that pushed through this morning and will hang around for the next three days.
So today I sit inside, watching the bone-chilling north wind blow over poorly anchored trash cans or pushing empty boxes down the street. If I look out my back window I see a family of vultures feasting on the carcass of a deer that managed to die in the middle of the creek that is our boundry line. Technically, it's in my neighbor's yard (as if that would make a difference!). It is far enough away so as not to be intrusive.
The plan for today is to ride in the kitchen. But to accomplish the act, I will have to generate more energy than my current level.

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