Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My intention, after the last post, was to have an exciting write-up of my adventures at Kelley Acres. The trip to Frederick, Maryland included a spin class, author presentation to the Orchard Grove 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, and attendance at grandson's band concert. Most of the planned activities were replaced by clearing 30 inches of snow from the driveway. You will have to wait for my next trip, or go yourself, to experience the ultimate spin class.
That post was intended to be followed by this one: A great week of cycling in California. My friend, Byran, from Portland, Oregon and I visit our friend, Ray, in Lompoc, CA for a week dedicated to cycling. In the past we coincided with the Amgen Tour of California, but they moved the race to May. No problem, the Winter Olympics took up the non-cycling time. While I have a detailed write-up (available upon request), the bare bones story is we cycled 250 miles in six days with no rain and in four of the six days, finished the last five miles with the wind at our backs. What a great week!
Those who know Byran, know he never misses seeing anything on the road and has a penchant for stopping to pick up wheel-weights. On our last day he spied what appeared to be an errant I-pod. Stopping suddenly, he scooped up his treasure and put it in his pocket and proceeded to the top of the (steep) hill where we regrouped. He had some trouble getting it opened to display his find, but all-to-soon flipped the lid to discover it was an empty dental floss container. Fortunately we left the next day, thus he only had to hear the jibes for the few hours remaining in our ride.
Back home now, I have six weeks to get in shape for my first race. Hopefully, the posts will come more frequently.