Friday, March 26, 2010


I prefer to take a recovery type ride the day after working out with weights. But my morning went like this: 45 minutes of physical therapy exercise for my left deltoid; 30 minutes of abdominal work (it could be done in 15 but there is no rush); 20 minutes of yoga standing poses; acupuncture. Given some rest and hydration between, plus drive-time, it was noon when I returned home.
The weather forecast is wind for tomorrow and Sunday, so another tt practice is indicated for today. The thermometer registered a pleasant 75 degrees. By 1:15pm I was back in the park and warming up. Great choice!
I still couldn't hang in the 90%-plus heart-rate, and my legs certainly knew I'd worked them hard yesterday, but the clock showed times comparable to last year before the qualifiers.
A couple days ago I forgot my new tt helmet. This time I had it.
My warm-up 5k utilized the regular helmet, the serious practices had the new one. Yes, I could tell the difference, especially going into the wind. The helmet covers my ears, and even if I can't prove aerodynamics, just not having the wind noise made me feel faster.
The lesson here is not just for cycling, or even restricted to sports: Having the proper equipment makes goal achievement much, much easier. And, of course, the harder you (study) practice, the easier the test.

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