Thursday, July 29, 2010


Not quite, but close enough. Now that I'm taking Moose, shaving seconds on my best times has receded for the duration. I still push hard, just only expect average times. And I have no problem with that.
Anyhow, after the Sunday ride I hung up the bike. Monday presented an opportunity for early time trial practice, which went well. I love my tt bike. I had appointments and grass cutting on Tuesday, so that became my rest day. Wednesday morning, as I lifted the bike off the hooks, the lack of bounce from the back tire gave me the bad news. Fortunately, I had a spare half hour before beginning today's ride, so brought the offending tire into the kitchen for a leisurely tube change.
When you have an unsuspected flat, the first order of business is to visually check the outside for cuts, holes, and things sticking out. In this case, a very thin wire (like from an old wire brush) pricked my finger, telling me of its existence. I had to look hard to see it. Sure enough, it had penetrated the tire, the tire-tuffy, and the tube. Don't know where I picked it up, but at least it didn't go flat until it got home.
I've gone years without a flat, just changing tires and tubes annually, and now two weeks in a row. Bad karma. I put a patch on the tube and it now hangs in the garage, in case it's needed.

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