Friday, July 16, 2010


Time trial practice is generally once a week, or twice as I gear up for State. One of the other days I reserve for my "hill ride." This is only 19 miles and takes in the neighborhood of an hour and a half. Starting at Big Lots at Spicewood Springs and 183, I go through Barrington Oaks and eventually get on Rain Creek Parkway. About ten minutes of warm up gets me to the first climb, definitely 16% and possibly 20% but short, maybe a tenth of a mile. A mile later gets me to the second climb, definitely 13% and a start of 18-22% depending on which side of the street you take the bend. This is a longer climb, about four tenths. Twenty minutes of rolling gets me to 360 and Courtyard. From 360 it is a four tier, about six tenths of a mile climb, with ramps of 16%, 18%, 18%, and 22%. This gets me in the 98-100% of max category.
The downhill allows recuperation, which is needed because next is Jester. Around six tenths, my gps shows a lot of 16-18% numbers, and one 20%. Interestingly enough, the heart rate is a beat or two less. More downhill and rolling back on 360 gets me to Blue Grass. This climb is about three tenths, 17% with a short 20% ramp. Blue Grass takes me back to Rain Creek and the first climb, but just before the turn is another 20% short, like a tenth, hill. One more, Oak Knoll at two tenths and 13% with an 18% ramp, gets me to mostly flat ground for the two miles back to the car.
These seven double-digit climbs, not counting the half dozen 8%ers, resulted in 25 minutes in Zone 4 and 19 minutes in Zone 5. I'd like to reduce Zone 5 by about half.
Disclaimer: The numbers are from my Garmin 305, so could be off a bit. Whatever, you get the idea these are steep climbs.

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