Monday, July 12, 2010


Saturday the bike shop called for me to come pick up the bike. Chris informed me the bearings were all good, only needed to remove the dirt and dried grease, and re-lube. Great news. I felt pretty frisky, so I lubed the chain and switched the SPDs for Speedplay. Changing pedals allows me to wear my Sidi road shoes, and the overall weight savings is about 2 pounds (shoes and pedals). Then I announced my attempt the next morning to set a new fast time on my 360 Loop ride.
Since I've described this route in previous posts, we can skip the profile. The wind came from the southwest, giving me an hour into the wind, a half hour from the left, and an hour at my back. The smooth rolling wheels seemed a bit faster and hill climbing benefitted from the lessened weight, thus my time turning onto Bee Cave equalled non-headwind times. At the halfway point, my confidence of squeaking into a PR grew.
I topped Steiner Ranch at 2 hours and with the wind at my back sailed along in the 23-25 mph range. Going through Balcones never was easier.
Bottom line: I cut 5 minutes off my previous best. Great wheels.

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