Saturday, July 10, 2010


One of the things bothering me for the last couple of years has been losing speed on the downhills. New, my bike could coast faster than most when the road turned down. The last trip to Georgia finally convinced me to get the hubs overhauled. I coasted five mph slower than in previous years (as if 46mph down Hogpen Gap could be considered slow). However, no binding or noise or anything tell-tale could be detected.
I love my Rolf wheels. Nine years of riding without a moment's trouble. Not having to worry about truing a wheel (which I would do very poorly, and sometimes followed by a trip to the bike shop) is a super benefit. Rolf will overhaul his wheels if you send them to him (I know, not personally). Unfortunately, my Vector Pros were actually Trek's, and he doesn't do those (probably a contractual thing when he and Trek parted ways). I contacted Trek, who advised I needed to see a Trek Dealer, who could do it.
So, with several days of rain forecasted, I took my bike to Jack and Adams (see previous posts about my tt bike) and dropped it off. Hopefully, they will call me today to come pick it up and I will give it a tryout on my Sunday morning ride.

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