Saturday, August 14, 2010


I participate in two sets of TT championships: USAC and Senior Games. The USAC distance is 20k, and Senior Games have 10k and 5k distances. Today the USAC championships were held in Floresville, Tx. Once again, I managed to put together a sterling performance, good enough to garner a silver medal. Since I was 50 seconds behind first place, there are no recriminations as to what I could have done to shave time.
Last October I posted remarks about how my 10k speed was faster than my 5k and how my heart-rate couldn't seem to get high enough in the 5k, due to improper warm-up. So I was very pleased with my chart today. I spent 15 seconds in zone 1; 8 seconds in each of zone 2 and 3, 9 minutes in zone 4 and 26:18 in zone 5. Average heart rate came in at 150, with a high of 158. My zone 5 starts at 150 bpm.
The course in Floresville had some hills. When I practiced it two weeks ago and again yesterday, I used my Roark and rode in the afternoon. The amount of time in the small chain-ring disturbed me, in that I try not to use it at all. This morning, without too much wind or heat (but lots of humidity), I pushed up the hills in the big ring, mostly keeping my tuck. Average speed came in at 22.7, top at 31.7.
My cadence was high, but I can't give you any data because I washed the bike. In washing the bike, the cadence counter moved and I didn't notice it. It felt like 85 rpm, except when I was in the 11 with the speed at 31 mph. I was trying to get my breath, so just eased down the hill.
Karen did a great job in getting my energy to flow as it should have. Some pooh-pooh acupuncture, however I am able to have 100% output when I receive a treatment before a race.

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