Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Not me, I'm just recounting what I saw. First, refer to the September 25th entry about changing flats, then go to action #7. Perhaps when reading it you feel as though I'm being much too basic. There was a reason I used that wording.
Several years ago, also posted but not worth going back to read, I was on a group ride with some friends and a bunch of strangers. One of the folks got a flat, and as cyclists do, we all stopped for him to change tubes. But, when you are with folks, there is a bit of peer pressure to perform well, and this includes changing out a tube. Here is one guy, apparently not all that well versed in efficient flat fixing, surrounded by 15 or so others who he thinks all know more than he does, and rather than accept help tried to bluster his way to the finish.
But his cover quickly blew away when he tried to install the tube around the rim, then attach the tire. At first we all thought this to be a new technique for checking the tube or something. Truly, he knew how to fix a flat. He just lost focus and became flustered with so many eyes watching his every move. No one really wants to practice changing a tube on the side of the road, but it wouldn't hurt to read through the steps enough times so you don't have to think about what to do next.
On a different note: The aerobars are back on the bike, I've changed out the pedals so I can revert to my SPDs, re-installed the bottle holders and my saddle pack. I think we are finally out of warm weather, so afternoon riding will be the norm.

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