Friday, November 19, 2010


Last Friday I started back in spin class. Even though the weather has not as yet become unbearable, the holidays are demanding more of my riding time and in order to keep some semblance of regularity, spin class will be part of my activities for the next few months. Please don't read this and feel I have an attitude about them. Actually, except for the loud music, I enjoy going; they are an excellent exercise and several years ago were the main reason I did well in the early season races. Plus, the thrifty part of me likes getting more reps at the gym, thus getting my money's worth.

I got out earlier this week for what was supposed to be a 50 mile ride, but came up 10 miles short. Once again I relied on the previous night's weather forecast. They hit the temperature ok, but the 5-10mph nw wind turned into 20+ generally from the west. My mostly north-south route only gave minor relief going north, but by the time I turned around, the wind had become quite strong. The aerobars were of no significant use since the wind came from the side. It was all I could do to hang onto the bars and keep the bike upright. Fortunately, there were very few vehicles on the road, so when the occasional gust blew me several feet sideways, I had the room. After fighting this for 15 miles I gave up and called for a sag wagon. Marilane was out and about and had urged me to call if I wanted. As it turned out, she was only 10 minutes away.

The other reason I called for relief is that we had rum-ball making on our afternoon-evening agenda and I couldn't afford to be as beat up as the previous week. While not allowed to mix the ingredients, I did 2/3 of the ball rolling. This turned out to be 840 rum balls. A few balls are not strenuous, but I assure you that my back (not sure if it was the lats or teres major) muscles were screaming after the first hundred.

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