Monday, January 31, 2011


Earlier this month I worried about not getting enough outside riding. Through the 16th I had less than 100 miles in 4 rides. With today's planned 32 miles, I'll come in right at 400 and will have had 11 of the 14 days outside. In addition, I've received my money's worth of gym workouts, having made 11 visits for either weights, yoga, or spin classes.
But here is how all of this came about: Last Friday I had spin class in the morning and usually that is my big workout and the afternoon devoted to abdominals and yoga standing poses. However, the weather turned so nice, I drove up to Walburg and did one lap (24 miles) of the upcoming road race. My legs were approaching jelly when I finished. No problem, I usually take Saturday's off.
The weather forecast called for rain Saturday evening lasting through the morning. That would put a crimp in my Sunday ride, so I opted for an easy Saturday 31 miles in the cloudy early afternoon. An aside: I put on my pink lenses to help visibility, but miraculously the clouds blew away. Pink lenses in the sun always make my eyes "jump" for a couple hours after I get home. A second aside: operative word "blew." My out and back course took 53 minutes out, 75 minutes back. Again, my tights held my muscles in place because surely they would have fallen off otherwise. Ah, but I had Sunday off....
The rainy weather stayed south, and Sunday morning was fine, just some clouds. I did my hill ride and am pleased to report that the legs responded nicely and my time excellent. Now I could take a few days off....
Eric sent an email asking if we wanted to ride at 11am Monday since the rest of the week would be crap. Well, I will show up and see what happens. I know I'll have Tuesday off.

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