Thursday, April 21, 2011


Finally! Easily the best tt practice this year, and maybe one of the best ever. Not the fastest, just a really good workout. Here is how it came about: 1) I paid attention to the weather forecast; 2) The weather forecast was spot-on; 3) I felt good and strong to the end.
The forecast called for the wind to die down last night, to be light out of the northeast, then moving to the east and strengthening during the day. I left the house at 7:45am and drove to Old Settlers Park, my own personal tt training road. By 8:15am I had started my warm-up loop, 3.1 miles. Zero wind. After a short break, I did my 5k tt practice. The time was average, but RPMs were what I concentrated on, and they we pretty good at 82 per minute.
Next came a 10k, twice out-and-back. Again, an average time, but I kept the 82 rpm average. A breeze had started. Usually, this early in the season, that is the extent of my practice, But I felt strong, so did another 5k run. Slower by 5 seconds than my first one, but I only dropped to 81 rpm. The wind had shifted to the east and increased in strength.
I called it a day, on the bike. But upon arriving home, a quick shower and I was off to the gym for Body Flow (combination of yoga and pilates), the Plus in the title. I quickly found out that these two exercises should not be undertaken back-to-back. Static stretches were fine, and I benefitted greatly from the hip-openers. The balance moves couldn't be held, and several positions could not be attained. Toward the end, both calves were threatening to rebel. Ah, well! Now I know.

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