Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is more interesting than important. While I don't like competing with the younger guys, it is always interesting to see how things stacked up against the whole field. Of course, like in any race, not all the fast guys show up. Keep in mind Senior Games has 5-year increments, starting at age 50. In the 10k time trial on Saturday, first place overall was my friend Peter Lekisch (he is in the 70-74 group). Second place was the winner of the 50-54, third was the winner of 55-59, fourth to Bill Corty in the 65-69, fifth and sixth in the 50-54, and I placed 7th (second in my age group). Everyone else was slower. In the 5k time trial on Sunday, first place was the winner of 55-59, second place (one second slower) was the winner of 50-54, third place was Peter (7 seconds slower than 1st). Forth place was in the 50-54 group and fifth was Bill Corty, sixth was in the 50-54 group and again I placed 7th overall.
In the grand scheme of things, in the 10k I was faster than 4 younger guys and in the 5k was faster than 5 younger guys.

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