Monday, April 4, 2011


My wife has visited both Charleston, SC and Savannah, Ga on several occasions and wanted me to also feel the charm of these two historic cities. The calendar showed an opening for the last week of March, so we took the opportunity. This worked out perfectly, for as we left Texas and got into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, the wisteria and dogwood brightened the landscape, bringing the occasional ooh! or ahh! Yes, the bike and four kits were in the car. We arrived in Savannah in time for dinner and a ghost tour. The next morning I left for a short 20 mile ride (having found the directions online). Fortunately, I'm not traffic-adverse so the lack of shoulder didn't bother me too much. The vehicles shared the road and I had no incidents. Eventually I came to a really nice stretch, with trees on both sides creating a shaded arch. When this road merged with a major highway (my directions indicated I should continue on this highway) without shoulder I started looking for an alternative and within 50 yards saw a bike-route sign leading off to the left. The road was good, sparse traffic, and I meandered along until it also hit a major road, then turned around and retraced my steps. Total: 25 miles. Back in Savannah, we started walking. The old city was designed around parks. Camillias had not yet finished blooming, but the azaleas were gorgeous and had just blossomed out a few days before. The parks, and the main street , burst with a profusion of color. Spanish moss hung everywhere. Since this is a cycling blog, I'll move on, as we did, to Charleston. The weather was cold and misty, with occasional drizzle. That didn't hamper us taking a walking tour, and a horse tour. We ate at Paula Dean's and drove to Tybee Island. We toured, but what I didn't do was cycle. Our departure day came and with it sunshine, no wind. Not one to let this opportunity pass, I bundled up (40 degrees when I started), and rode out to Folly Beach (thanks to and back, still getting showered and packed before check-out time. Post script: I had maps, clothes, and intention of getting in four rides. Sometimes things don't turn out as planned. No regrets, the touring alternatives were great. BTW, I am putting in paragraphs but Blogspot keeps condensing.

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