Monday, June 6, 2011


No, that is overdoing it. Concerned? Of course, I am, but more than that. Perhaps by the end of this writing, I'll have a good word.
The Sunday ride saw me leaving the house at 5:45am (dark) to be ready to ride at 6:10am (not quite so dark). I finally had a day without a fierce wind, and what there was would be at my back in seventy-five minutes. Once again I cursed my Garmin, as it refused to update, leaving me without data, other than I left around 6:10. It wasn't ten minutes later that I knew I was in for a repeat of last week; specifically lack of leg strength.
Perhaps "baffling" is an apt description. My cardio wasn't taxed, and my cadence was good, and without a problem on the flats and downhills. Climbing out-of-saddle also was as it should be. Only the seated climb, when I needed power, caused my quads to feel full of lactic acid. I could not push them to full strength. By my best remembrance, I was two gears short in my seated climbing. Baffling comes in because in spite of the recalcitrant legs, I seemed to be motoring along just fine. Since I had not even a watch, it was all perceived exertion.
I have managed to have a course without any clocks (there was one at the start, but they don't turn it on that early). The only thing I can go on is when one of the many churches lets out. Anyhow, without a wind to beat me up and dropping down a couple of gears on the climbs, I felt really good the whole way. Getting the wind at my back helped, especially the big hills at Steiner Ranch. Every now and then I'd try for some high-gear seated pedaling and each time my legs refused to work. But I had lots left in the tank, and when I passed the catholic church letting out, I knew my time was super.
The clock still hadn't been turned on when I got back to the car, so I dismounted, unlocked it and turned the key on to see the time. Two hours, thirty-five minutes total. Fastest time this year. And, I didn't feel winded, beat up or even like I just pushed out 42 miles. Once again I cursed Garmin.
I was still saying nasty things this morning as I unloaded the TT bike at Old Settlers Park for a final tune-up before State. I brought my old HRM (the one I use when I ride in the kitchen) so at least I could monitor my heart and get my time. My wishful thinking that maybe my legs would relax went down the tubes almost immediately. As we all know, almost all of time-trialing is done seated. Well, I did a warm-up lap and looked to see how long it took. Apparently I double-clutched the button (on/off) because it showed me .3 of a second.
I was a little more careful in pushing the button on the 5k practice, a little careful in pushing the pedals, and conservative in the turns. Even with the lagging legs, my time was the best this year.

Perturbed and/or baffled is what I have settled on. Whatever happens Thursday will happen.

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