Sunday, June 12, 2011


First, the excuses. At State we raced at 5pm and 6:30pm and the temperature at that time was 98 degrees with a stout wind. The course was unfamiliar and somewhat technical. We arrived at 2:15pm when the temperature was over 100 and warmed up (on the wrong course) and sat around letting the heat zap me. And, my legs felt like crud (or similar words). So, realistically, I was pleased as punch to bring home two ostentatious medals. That was Thursday.
Friday I rested. Saturday morning, even though I hate riding on Saturdays, I did my usual 31 mile ride to Hutto and back. Even early, the wind was still up, though out of the south, so mostly a side wind, both ways. I felt great! The legs seemed to know what was expected of them and responded properly. My time was excellent.
That gave me some hope for the Sunday morning ride, this time wheels-down was 6:05am. The problems previously posted never materialized. Once again the legs responded well. Still had wind, but not so bad and not a factor. Finished strong and with the fastest time this year, and close to all-time fastest. I'm hoping this continues for the rest of the year, but since Nationals are next week, at least that long.

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