Saturday, August 27, 2011


This post comes about because I was trying to hawk my Christmas jersey (see previous post). Once again, Jack of Jack and Adams is being gracious in allowing me to set up a table Sunday morning (Sept 4) and will also display the jersey in his shop.
See my post of 3 20 09 for complete details, but from the very beginning Jack was determined that the bike he sold me was a perfect fit. That is just the kind of person he is, and the culture of his shop reflects it. It is no coincidence that from the day after I picked up my Felt, I started winning. Usually I drop by after a race to thank him again (and again, and again) for putting me on a superior bike. I have been a State champion three years running (age group, of course), mostly due to the bike.

You can be sure if you go to Jack and Adams that you will have individualized attention to your needs. Which is why I'm also dropping off my road bike for a tune-up before heading out to the Blue Ridge Parkway next month.

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