Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We've had 80 days over 100 degrees. I've been used to riding around 7am with a temperature around 80 degrees. This morning the thermometer registered 56 degrees. I have a soft rule of "cover the knees under 65 degrees." While 56 wasn't going to last long, the shock of over a 20 degree drop in temperature had me reaching for the tights, arm warmers, and wind vest (just in case).

My plan for this morning included a north/south trip of maybe 25 miles. The wind, indeed, came out of the north, but not as sharp as anticipated. Within half an hour the temp. had climbed out of the 50's and was very pleasant. So much so, I took a few turns (intentional this time, I know these roads quite well) and added 8 miles to the journey. The additional miles also brought a few excellent views: calm, clear, newly cleared or tilled fields.

The cold weather gear stayed on for about an hour and a half, keeping the muscles warm and functioning smoothly. But when the sweat started to build (this was just a casual ride, average heart rate at 110), it was time to stop and put them in the Camelbak. I cruised on in the rest of the way and put up the bike. What a great ride!

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