Thursday, February 2, 2012


The forecast called for dense fog until 10am, then cloudy to partly cloudy until this afternoon, and maybe showers late afternoon. I thought I was in luck when there was no fog this morning, so got myself together and headed out at 9:30am. Three layers on my chest, shorts and tights, in 58 degree, damp weather.

One good thing about fog is usually a lack of wind. Well, it wasn't as much fun as brilliant sunshine, but I motored along comfortably, possibly a tad over-dressed, since I also had Moose and a ten pound Camelbak. As I headed east, the fog thickened slightly which for the most part just meant more dampness in the air. I saw in the distance several police cars, ambulance, and fire truck all in my very wide shoulder and eastbound lane of traffic. Moving to the other side of the road, I could only see one older car, and it wasn't an accident. Once past, I returned to the correct side of the road and continued on.

The further east I traveled, the thicker the fog got. Now visibility became impaired. Then my right calf malfunctioned. It didn't cramp, but on each pedal stroke it refused to work. It worked on the down-stroke and halfway up, then it quit and resumed again on the down-stroke. Something like this has never happened before. As I stopped to give it rest and ponder the advisability of continuing, the fog continued to thicken. Ok, I got the message! Go home.

So, while prepared for a 48-50 mile ride, I turned out having a 23 miler. Some is better than none. And the fog cleared as I cycled west.

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