Friday, March 2, 2012


I've a month before State time trials. This year, State is qualifying for next year's Nationals. There are no qualifying rounds, only practice. Walburg proved that failure to adhere to my training regimen results in poor performance. Of course, Walburg did not come as a surprise. I know I get good results when I can achieve 800 miles per month. January had 318 miles, February 150 (before the race). The real surprise was that I could hang with the peloton for as long as I did. The other thing Walburg did was make my muscles really weak for a few days.

So, March is a new beginning. I did TT practice yesterday and 56 miles today. I might try for hills tomorrow and my old Loop 360 ride on Sunday. Here is my old weekly itinerary: 2 long days (50-65 miles) at recreational pace; 2 medium days at faster pace (32 miles); 1 hill ride (19 miles, 7 climbs); 1 TT practice. This gets me in the vicinity of 200 miles.

The pros speak of having "good sensations" in the legs, or words to that effect. I can tell you that I do not have good sensations. My health is good, I'm working out in one way or another, almost every day. I just need to put more miles in my legs. Warmth and sunshine are doing a lot to improve my attitude.

But other things have come to light to also help. Last year at Nationals, I had some physical ailment that kept me from going all-out in the time trial. I estimate I was at 85% of potential, and I finished 17th. Because I have now moved up an age category, I wondered how many others moved with me. Only two riders who finished ahead of me are moving up. This information has done a lot to encourage me to put in the necessary miles to get the "sensations" I want, because I want my next trip to Nationals to be 100%.

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