Monday, April 16, 2012


     It is 12:34pm. Here is how the previous 15 hours have gone: Still feeling jet-lagged returning from The Netherlands and a terrific river cruise, went to bed at 9:30pm, including a pre-bedtime pee. Was up at 10:30pm, 11:30pm, 1am, 2:30am to pee some more. Woke up at 4am, now wide-awake, and went to pee before making coffee. My irritation was slightly ameliorated by the fact that I managed to gain about 7 pounds in a 9 day period, so was hoping that some of the excess weight was going down the toilet.
     Dropped Marilane off in Austin (she was heading to Houston), and picked the wrong road to return home. Road construction delays plus inability to access Hwy 183 tended to increase my aggravation, but eventually arrived home. Did my push-ups (100/day for April). Then things really went south.
     I didn't feel up to a time-trial workout, so intended to go to spin class at noon. But first a few chores: Post Office, gasoline for the lawn mower, then spin class. I arrived at the Post Office and realized that half of what I was mailing (some Bicycle Journeys with Jerry books to folks we met on the cruise) had been left at home. Mailed what I brought and headed to the gas station.
I didn't go in today, but if I did, we know what would happen.
     The ignition switch occasionally "dings" for no reason when I remove the key, and usually I just touch it with my finger and it goes off. Because I was only getting gas in the plastic can, and was going to leave the front door open, I just set the keys by the gear shift. I also didn't touch the ignition and stop the dinging. Guess what? A gust of wind hit the door and shut it, and I heard a dreaded "click." It seems the door locked itself when it closed! Keys inside. I notified the manager that the car would be there for awhile, as I had to walk home (mile and a half) and get the spare keys. Fortunately, my neighbor (who has a spare house key) was home, so I was able to get into the house. Within minutes I headed back to the gas station on my bike.
     Having to walk home upset my timing, so I hurriedly threw my stuff in a bag and headed to the gym. Forgot they were re-doing that road, but fortunately traffic was light and delay minimal. Got to the spin bike and only when I dragged the shoes out of the bag did I realize I had brought the wrong shoes. The cleats were not compatible. No problem, I could wear my running shoes. Oops! The clips were incorrectly threaded and wouldn't tighten around my shoes. After trying for several minutes to achieve a decent pedaling motion, I uttered an expletive and gave it up.
     I turned the wrong way out of the parking lot, but that was rectified and I continued to the Post Office to mail the books. That brings us up to the present. I'll cut the grass and hopefully have a successful nap that will alleviate the jet-lag feeling.

PS, I also forgot my hearing aid, fortunately I didn't need to communicate. And, I didn't get my nap.

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