Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Monday was supposed to be a 55 miler, just to log miles in the legs.  However, as soon as I opened the garage door, I realized I wasn't going that far.  This time, when the sun came up, the wind did also.  I determined the direction to be ENE and the first 15 miles I headed either east or north, mainly east.  I decided to play it by ear, making a final determination around 8 miles, or the turn on University Blvd that would put me head-on into the wind.

My first inclination was to turn around and not do another half-hour into the wind.  But the sun shown brightly in a clear blue sky and I had nothing on the agenda at home, so I leaned over the (now installed) aerobars and battled onward.  Truthfully, I geared down and saved my legs for the return trip, anticipating a lot of fun.  The turn-around came at 67 minutes, or about 12 minutes slower than average.

Within seconds of beginning the return trip, I pushed the front derailleur over to the big ring and enjoyed the wind at my back.  The ride itself had no incidents, as traffic did not materialize.  My final time showed 1hour, 59 minutes, or 15 minutes faster on the way back. 

Today I planned another short ride, after working out at the gym, but the wind is much stronger today, and I don't care to have it beat me up.  Tomorrow is another day.

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