Tuesday, June 12, 2012


     I don't like riding on Saturdays.  Being retired, I can ride during the week.  I don't have to ride on the weekend.  However, this past Saturday I did my "University" ride, 31 miles.  I did it because on Wednesday in doing my hill ride, I hit the highest heart-rate in two-plus years, 166.  I felt I needed a day off, and it turned into two.  So, with the weather almost perfect, I took advantage and started out about 8:15am.
     My FB posting describes it quite succinctly: Fastest time, highest average speed, highest average RPMs, EVER.  Of course, the wind always plays a part, and in this case, it proved to be negligible.  For whatever reason, I held a high cadence the whole way (it is an out-and-back, mostly east-west).  My average jumped from 70-71 to 76.  Don't let the number fool you, this includes coasting downhill, going uphill in the big ring, and waiting at red lights.  Most of my time was spent in the mid-80s. My glutes screamed at me all afternoon, finally subsiding after ingestion of aspirin.
     I know from years of looking at my stats, high rpms are good.  But you need good energy to keep it up for a whole ride.  This was one of those days.
     Not to be confused with my Sunday ride.  One of the reasons for taking Saturday off is to be rested for my Sunday morning (like starting 10 minutes before daylight, or 30 minutes before official sunrise) 360 Loop ride.  This 42 mile ride has 18 (or 24, depending on definitions) climbs, 6 of which I'd call significant.  My plan to continue glute punishment never materialized, in view of the stiff wind in my face for the first 75 minutes.  Nevertheless, I had fun, my time average, and my legs were not impaired by the previous day's activity.
Generally speaking, the strength and endurance now exhibited, I expected two months ago.  Let me rephrase that.  I hoped for.  Indeed, cycling is very honest: if you put in the miles, you will get the results.  I just need to get in the miles.  Shouldn't be a problem getting miles now, since a cycling vacation in the mountains of North Georgia is looming on the horizon.

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